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This wiki was created to store information about all aspects of the Heart Smile franchise. This wiki covers idols, games, albums, songs, and other media related to the franchise in detail. The wiki may also include other things such as talent profiles, song lyrics, etc.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Heart Smile Project.

What is Heart Smile Project?

Heart Smile Project (Originally branded as HaiPa Studios) is an idol franchise made up of fictional idols, all with individual designs, voiced by real people for the purpose of generated music. It includes over 50 unique virtual idols, 10 idol divisions, 7 rhythm-style games, merchandise, and more! Heart Smile Project itself also includes the development of the virtual idols as they follow a set plan that starts when their voice is released as a demo, and ends when they have entered "stage ultimate" or the final stage of training. Some idols also undergo extended training. For most idols development stops at stage ultimate, but for some, they are also given more voice configurations based on their popularity and participation in events.

Who created Heart Smile Project?

Chiyuki Kurokawa and Kohei Ban are the initial creators of Heart Smile Project. They have said they were inspired by the idea of idols that did not physically exist. This idea drove them to create an idol franchise made up of virtual idols, icons that cannot be physically touched.

What is the future of Heart Smile Project?

As of 2022, Heart Smile Project has been completed. There will not be anymore idols added specifically to Heart Smile Project. Although some information is dynamic, and will change over time, most details are finalized and are not subject to change. Chiyuki Kurokawa and Kohei Ban's next big project is managing a group of new virtual idols with real-life counterparts. It's called Dazzling Electric.

What are fan-idols?

Fan-idols are idols that were created by fans of Heart Smile Project. They are not officially part of the franchise; however, they are still acknowledged and receive recognition at events and online. They can be defined as a different pitch of an existing idol, some are entirely original.

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